Field reports of our bridal couples

The greatest praise for our actions we get on our wedding day itself. Then, when the bridal couple can let go with confidence, when really everyone enjoys the moment and is pampered by a perfectly rounded daily plan, we know that we have done a great job. The calmness of the wedding party, the smile on the lips of the guests and many a kind word gives us the secure feeling that every effort was worth it.

We have collected the most beautiful love letters of our bridal couples here.

Martina & John

Dear Anikó Team,

we want to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your great work. You have accompanied us for almost 2 years, advised us and planned our dream wedding with all your heart. You made it possible for us to bring the Caribbean to Saxony and for us to spend a wonderful day on the beach with our guests. It was the perfect wedding day for us and as fast as it passed unfortunately - the memories will stay forever. You and all the service providers who helped to create this day thanks to you, made all our ideas come true and fulfilled all our wishes with a lot of love for detail.
A thousand thanks for your great organization, your lovable manner, your positive attitude and your great love for your profession.
Stay as you are - you are priceless.

Thank you very much John and Martina

Ines & Philip

Dear Anikó,

How wonderful that you exist!
From the bottom of our hearts once again a big "Thank You" for everything that You have done for us and the success of our wonderful winter wedding; and this especially in such a calm and hearty way. With you at our side, we are already looking forward to Dresden 2021 and are grateful that our celebration has been postponed by one year in an almost clairvoyant way...
We wish you much strength in this time of reorganization and look forward to seeing you again.

Cordially, Ines & Philipp

Catherine & Jörg

Dear Anikó,

the most beautiful memories in life are the ones you feel deep in your heart days, weeks and months later, as if they had just happened. This day was "our" day - our wedding day, which thanks to your ideas, your support and your commitment has become just such a memory for us. We are grateful that you have accompanied us on this journey.

Catherine & Jörg

Simone & Jens

Dear Anikó, it was amazing, so incredible, so touching, so overwhelming... Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!
You were perfect, you were perfect! Rany was totally worth all the stress!! Thanks for that! Later we had only 2 hours sleep and then the children were awake again.
It was over far too quickly and everything that was so beautiful felt like a dream. We have to realize that first...
But the best part was the wedding ceremony! I never imagined it could be so perfect. So perfect! Rany was so close, he made it so personal. In my memory live music at weddings was always very distant. And the fact that the oldtimer had gotten lost was the best thing that could happen for me to adjust to all this. I was laughing so hard. For now.
We thank you so much!!!

Tina & Carl

Dear Anikó,

there I stood in my white dress, all styled and enchanted. You took my phone, my purse and my watch, saying, "You're not gonna need any of that today."

Then you left and I waited for our best man. Visibly nervous, he picked me up. We drove to the castle and still I was not excited. I knew exactly what was coming. There are beautiful hours ahead of me. It will be talked through like countless times. I had every confidence. Trust also in all service providers you have chosen for us. All of them have been able to implement our ideas and wishes. They are so individual, with heart and passion!

Then I saw you and everything took its course. Just like it was on the schedule. Just as I had imagined. Just like we wanted.

You gave me the greatest gift that day. A gift that is priceless. Namely, the memory of a perfect day that I remember every detail. I can do this because I was completely and exclusively in the here and now with my thoughts. Because I was able to concentrate on the most important thing that day - my husband. We could enjoy every moment. We knew that our children and guests were in the best hands. They are in a good mood where they should be, are fed and surprised.

You gave us a perfect anniversary. For this we would like to thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

Your bride Tina

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