A wedding in South Tyrol

New year - new website - new blog.

2020 is just around the corner and with the new year, the old one is leaving. Time to look back on an exciting, amorous, happy, special and sometimes challenging wedding season 2019, but also time to start new projects, push boundaries and realize long planned plans. And so today I write my first blog post.

I did a little research on what the success factors of a good blog post are: Motto No. 1 It should be authentic, personal and interesting. There is no shortage of passion and extraordinary opportunities in my industry and for me and my team. Therefore the first topic for the blog entry is quickly found: A real wedding that touched our hearts.

The pictures from photographer Stephan Heinz arrived today by courier so that they could make their way on our new website just on time. When sorting for the gallery, the memories of the highly romantic castle wedding of Tina & Carl in South Tyrol were quickly awakened again.

How does a couple from the Erzgebirge get the idea to get married in South Tyrol?

The Erzgebirge certainly has mountains and an enchanting natural landscape to offer, but the region and the neighbouring cities of Dresden and Chemnitz did not have the right wedding location. A scenery for a fairy tale wedding was needed, which the bride Tina had always dreamed of. In October 2017, she already said Yes to her Carl and had a small and very romantic wedding party at the enchanting Villa Sorgenfrei in Radebeul. And with the first wedding, the idea of putting the church wedding ceremony in a place where the bridal couple feels familiar and relaxed also developed more and more. The holiday region of South Tyrol was the perfect choice. Especially as the young family had already discovered this spot some time ago as a real holiday oasis.

Summer guarantee in Mediterranean climates?

Of course, the plan also provided for a summer wedding in mid-July to be spoiled by the sun and spared from rain. But as in the year before, when I accompanied Verena & Matthias at their wedding in Merano, our white wedding umbrellas came into action for a few minutes shortly after leaving the Protestant church (note: there are only 2 Protestant churches in the whole region, while beautiful Catholic chapels can be found in every small town).

No matter if your destination Wedding leads you to Mallorca or to South Tyrol, where there is actually a fair weather guarantee in summer, consider plan B in case weather plays a little trick on you. And keep calm! Just like Tina and Carl, who were the first to step out of the church, laughed briefly at the raindrops and a little later danced in the sunshine again.

All's well that ends well.

When I consider that Carl wasn't really a big wedding fan in the beginning, I am even more amazed by the beautiful wedding photos and shots of a relaxed groom together with his best friends or groom mates. In addition, he probably gave his bride one of the most romantic gifts of my wedding planning career: because she always raved about it, the groom had an APE, specially painted in the colours of the first wedding, transported by trailer to Merano via his best man. ❤ For the bride there was the APE and its fairytale setting, for the groom the gin bar and for the entire wedding party an incomparable celebration at an enchanted wedding castle under sequoia trees in Merano.

And how I as a wedding planner from Dresden, who is planning a wedding in South Tyrol, came across a photographer from Waldsassen in Bavaria is another blog post.

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